Hunter Hart

I am based out of Mississippi with dreams to travel all around the world. I am 28 years old and photography started for me a long time ago. I can remember always having a camera when I was younger. I remember my mother having a digital camera that carried 3 1/2" floppy disks (google it), and I thought it was the most amazing thing having quick access to a photo like that. I was computer savvy at a young age (yes during myspace and before Facebook, and text messaging), never the less I was infatuated with digital cameras. I had a camera at every party I went to. Everyone always asked me the next day "Hey man, will you make me a copy of those pictures?" or as I got older "Post those on Facebook." After high school I went to college for Computer Networking (irrelevant), but I started getting more into shooting with DSLRs. I started shooting with a Canon Rebel T3, landscapes and birds mostly. I took so many pictures and posted them on all of my social media (they were terrible photos), and one day someone asked me to take portraits of them. I haven't taken a photo of a non living thing since then, for the most part. I found out very quickly that I love portraits because you can capture a moment in time with just you and that other living, breathing person directly through the lens. I love to catch the expression a person gives, so they can have that moment forever.

All images by Hunter Hart (aside from the one below)



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